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With goodness in everything we do, our products require a level of standard that is second to none. Each product has been specially designed to maximize your health with a new, high technology called Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology. Our Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT) has the ability to provide optimal absorption of nutrients at a rate of over 90%. The result: feeling your best day after day.

“I have a new lease on life thanks to Envisionary Life. These products and Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology have exceeded my high expectations and hope, and restored my energy to a youthful state. The results have been overwhelmingly positive and life altering.” – Steve

Our Technology and Science

Our team of distinguished Scientists lead the charge in Liposomal research. With more than 50 years of combined research, we have used our research and expertise to develop unparalleled products and have the ability, more than any competition, to continue to introduce ground-breaking, life changing products using our Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT).

Our mission at Envisionary Life is to transform lives by creating the highest-quality, unique health products that through our cutting-edge liposome technology are able to positively impact the human body, providing a platform for healthy and successful lives.


Our world-renowned scientists developed a ground-breaking natural method to form a liposome, which does not require high temperatures, high pressures, or toxic synthetic chemicals, while maximizing the many benefits. Our innovative Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT), uniquely formulated into each of our world-class products, is exclusive to Envisionary Life and creating an unprecedented demand in markets around the globe. Learn more

Our Scientific Advisory Board is led by Nobel Prize recipient and Envisionary Life’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Hartmut Michel along with several top experts in the fields of liposomal research, as well as Anti-Aging science. Our vision continues, as we strive to use modern technology and top scientists to give traditional health products a new vitality. We proudly remain committed to that vision in every facet of our research and development of Envisionary Life products. Learn more

We are at the forefront of an innovative technology that continues to gain notoriety and exposure each and every day. Combining that technology with our distinct product line and a clear, simple compensation plan that benefits both the novice and the experienced professional, the leading-edge opportunity and rewards Envisionary Life presents remain best-in-class. Learn more

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How Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology Works

Our unique concept of Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT) is that it creates a “pocket” called a liposome, which is filled with either water-soluble (hydrophilic) inside the core or fat-soluble (hydrophobic) contents between the layers. The wall of this liposome is made of phospholipids (with the head being water-soluble and the tail being fat-soluble), the essential component we can find on our cell membranes. The most common substances that are used to make liposomes are phosphatidylcholine, which is extracted from lecithin or egg yolk. A liposome is constructed in a way that the walls facing the outside and the core are water-soluble, leaving the space between the outer wall and the core fat-soluble.

With the help of phospholipids, the liposome can now carry the nutrients in its core, bypass the destructive stomach acid and enzymes which can potentially reduce the bioavailability of the nutrients in the supplement and successfully deliver its content to the intestines for absorption. Once the liposome reaches the intestines, nutrients will be released and get into the cells via passive diffusion.

In the end, this advanced technology brings efficacy and precision for nutrients to get to where they need to be absorbed, making the oral delivery of nutrients of varying solubility more effective and convenient.

Our Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT) is an innovative, superior technology developed to enhance the absorption of the different nutrients in the body, as well as protect the nutrients from getting damaged by different enzymes and stomach acid while being transported to individual cells, which significantly affects the bio-availability.

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