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Product collection

Each product of Envisionary Life has been specially designed to maximize your health with a new, high technology called Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology. Our Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology (LNDT) has the ability to provide optimal absorption of nutrients at a rate of over 95%.
Body Vitality
30 sachets
30 sachets
Easy Sleep
30 sachets
NMN Plus
Pure NMN
15 sachets
30 Sachets
Discover the collection
# new living
At Envisionary Life we focus on goodness, goodness in the ingredients we select, goodness in the products we develop, goodness in the way we treat people.

NMN Plus

Find the fountain of youth
With a direct and potent compound that's found in our bodies, NMN stimulates cellular metabolism which in return helps to slow aging.
Hydrating, soothing, and firming
The all-in-one sheet mask with highly concentrated natural ingredients for anti-aging properties.
A touch of cedar fragrance at fingertips
Enrich and protect your hand. Formulated to moisturize while killing 99.99% of bacteria.