En Vy All Plant Protein Powder

Get what your body needs

En Vy All Plant Protein has high bioavailability and helps maintain lean body mass, builds muscle, and repairs tissue.

Retail Price: $52

Get what your body needs by adding this fine, flavorless protein powder to beverages, foods, or batters. All-vegetarian base, derived from soy, wheat, and yellow peas, provides balanced amounts of the nine essential amino acids.

At least 11 grams of protein in one 12.5-gram serving.

Dairy-free, Lactose-free for the Lactose intolerant. The all natural En Vy All plant protein is free from added sugars, added flavors, and any added chemicals and preservatives.

Cholesterol free and low fat.

A proprietary blend of soy, wheat& pea protein.

According to need, add contents of one to two-level tablespoons to a 240 mL glass of milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice, or other liquid. Sweeteners or flavors may be added if desired. Stir rapidly for 45 seconds or shake vigorously in a covered container.

En Vy All Plant Protein Powder can also be sprinkled on rice dishes, cereals, vegetables, salads, or soups. In addition, it can be added to the casserole, bread, cakes, biscuit or meat recipes, and many other foods. It increases the protein value and has a neutral taste.